May I Ask Who’s Calling?

18 Nov 2019 7:12 AM | Doug Knust
Over the past four months, I have been calling dealer/member on the phone to talk about our association. I have been reaching out to simply ask three questions:

1. What does the SDADA do well?

2. What could the SDADA do better?

3. What products or services should the SDADA offer its members that it doesn’t now?

I spoke only to new car dealers and NextGen dealers/managers. I apologize for not speaking to independent, RV, power sports or truck dealers. I wanted to start with new car stores. We really need the feedback from these other dealers as well. 

You can see that when I did get in touch with dealers, they were very generous with their time. Calls averaged 27 minutes which far surpassed the 8-10 minutes I expected  

I attempted to reach dealers through their company switchboards  I didn’t leave a call back number because I had a specified period of time in which I would call and did not want to start telephone tag  I would just attempt to call back later  

I compiled the feedback I got into word clouds. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the responses that I got. 

I presented this info to the board at our meeting in Pierre. They are using it to give some direction going forward. 

You can see the results below. I invite your feedback on this info.
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