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Legistlative - How SDADA Works For you

Over the years, the government’s view of the auto industry has shifted with changing administrations, both in Pierre and Washington, D.C. The one constant for auto dealers across the state is SDADA’s active role in representing your concerns. SDADA and NADA are involved at every level of government to create a more level playing field for you, to ensure your continued success.


In 1918, the South Dakota Automobile Dealers Association (SDADA) was formed by a small group of dealers where its primary purpose was to advocate on behalf of dealer members at the state legislature.

SDADA remains focused on protecting auto dealer’s interest at the state level, both defending dealers against harmful legislation and introducing measures that protect dealers AND the consumer.

Through attending conferences and agency meetings, as well as monitoring alerts, SDADA stays on top of rulemaking and major policy changes at the state and federal levels — then communicates the impact of these changes to you as soon as the changes are known.

Department of Revenue

Within the Department of Revenue, SDADA staff closely works with the Division of Motor Vehicles on issues that surface across the state’s counties that process titles. Issues include paperwork requirements, variances in county interpretations of state guidelines or laws.

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SDADA is committed to advocating on behalf of its dealer members at the state capitol on legislative issues that are important to dealer members and the motor vehicle retail sales industry. SDADA also provides exclusive member support with regulatory, compliance, grassroots and educational efforts.

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