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“Can We Talk About Communication?”

29 Sep 2019 9:10 PM | Anonymous

Welcome to the new SDADA Update!

Every trade association I know of struggles with communication. That means both sending information to and receiving information from their members.

Our SDADA Bulletin, in its current printed form, is not an efficient mode of communication with our dealer members. Certainly a quarterly publication no longer qualifies as “news”.

So we are taking a page from the playbook of many other associations, inside and outside the auto industry, and going to an electronic newsletter. We don’t want to jam up your email box up so we will start with a semi-monthly (1st & 15th of each month) publication and adjust from there.

We want this email newsletter to be relevant to ALL dealerships employees. The more our employees know about our industry, the better decisions they can make for you. You can sign your employees up with the link at the bottom of the email. Send us all your employee emails so we can add them!

To make this publication interesting to all, we need your help. We need you to send us news that your fellow dealers and dealership employees will find to be of interest. Each of you consumes news from many different sources. When you see something of interest, SEND IT TO US!

This includes industry, statewide, community and human interest news. Share stories about things that happen in the car dealership.

Send us a link to the article or the relevant information so we can share it. We want to know if something good happens to you, your store or your employees. We’ll include it in our next edition.

For example, if your service manager won the state bowling tournament, send us a link or the pertinent information so we can share it. If you or your store is recognized in your community, let us know. If you see some news that will directly (or indirectly) affect the retail auto industry in our state, send us a link!

I believe this newsletter can be a great tool for our association but it requires input from all of you. Send us your ideas, suggestions and news. Help us make your association stronger!

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”  -James Humes

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